Checks and Money Orders Please make checks or money orders payable to:

Humane Society of Logan County

Mail to:

Humane Society of Logan County
P.O. Box 404
1801 E. Lincoln Parkway
Lincoln, Illinois 62656


Other Ways to Donate

Ad sponsorship The Humane Society of Logan County will be having fundraising events and programs ad infinitum, unless we receive enough in major donations or bequests to make fundraising unnecessary — highly unlikely. All of the fundraising events and programs require advertising, in order to reach the community that will support them. Ad sponsors are instrumental in the success of our fundraising efforts. By sponsoring an ad, you or your company can help the HSLC and its work, gain public recognition, and be associated with a great cause!  A 3-day consecutively run ad in the Courier, currently costs $98.64.  As sole sponsor, you will be listed in large, bold type at the bottom center of the ad. By sharing an ad with 2 other sponsors, you can get your name in the paper 9 times over the course of 3 months, for the same amount of money. Call today to learn more about sponsoring an ad. Virginia Van Pelt (217) 947-2326.

Matching Gift Programs You can double or even triple your donation to the Humane Society of Logan County, if your place of employment has a matching gift program. Check with your Human Resources department to see if your employer matches gifts.

Stocks, Bonds If you have stocks or bonds that have appreciated and you have owned them over a year, you may be able to receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities, thus avoiding capital gains tax.  For more information, please contact Barb Nikles at: (217) 735-4692

Bequests By mentioning HSLC in your will and leaving a set dollar amount or a  % rate or residue of your estate or trust, you can ensure that our work will continue into the future, and that your commitment to animal welfare will continue, too.  Speak to your attorney about including HSLC in your will. We would appreciate knowing your wishes, and a copy of the bequest or a letter informing of same would be welcome. Call: Virginia Van Pelt at (217) 947-2326 for more information.

Services When the HSLC shelter is constructed, we will be using volunteer laborers and technicians whenever possible. Electricians, plumbers, roofers, masons, welders, painters will all be needed. If you have special skills that might be of value to the HSLC, please call Lynn White, membership chair, at 732-4540.

Supplies, merchandise  At many of our fundraising events we have need of everything from dog shampoo, grooming aids, and towels (for dog washes) to donated prizes for auctions.  Our shelter will need a steady supply of in-kind donations of food, toys, leashes and collars, bedding, office supplies and tools. The HSLC holds an annual rummage sale, and contributions of new and gently used merchandise are needed for that. Please check out the Wish List on our website.

Bake sales and food event donations of supplies  Donors are needed on a regular basis to provide the goodies for our bake sales and for the annual Holiday Cookie Tray sale.  Food events such as chili luncheons and various suppers require donations of food and paper product supplies.

Recycling aluminum cans for HSLC Save all your aluminum cans from home and work and take them to Lincoln Iron and Metal, 1710 N. Kickapoo St., Lincoln to recycle. Tell the attendant to credit your cans to the HSLC. We make hundreds of dollars each year from can donations, while helping the environment. Recycling saves lives!