Finally, our maybe most exciting adoption for last week was…..Susie! A gentleman had shown interest in her on Friday and was forewarned of her behavior issues (of not using the litterbox) but decided to fill out an application anyway. He understood that she had had issues in the past of not using her litterbox (and still had occasionally but was getting better) but was ready to take on the challenge. He loved both her looks and her demeanor. Susie went home Saturday with her medicine, that she will be staying on to help her out, and a little bit of food to transition her to a new diet. Susie has been an extremely friendly cat while here at the shelter and could almost be compared to a dog, such as when she would roll over on her back to have you rub her belly. She was a silly cat that definitely could be described as a ‘diva’ but now has a new dad ready to give her everything she needs.