After three weeks of waiting for the neuter to be done Sully’s (no picture) new owner was finally able to stop in to the shelter and take Sully home. He was everyone’s favorite feisty kitten that was full of spunk and always up and moving. This is exactly what made his new owner fall in love with him. She loved how active he was and of course how entertaining he could be. The family had lost their cat this past year and decided they were ready for a new addition, which brought them into the HSLC. After putting in her application and being told it would be a few weeks before he could leave the shelter his new mom was sad she couldn’t take him right away but was still set on him becoming hers. She came in many times from the first visit to the last to check in on him
and even brought toys of her own for him and the other kittens to play with.
Now he is in a new home with lots of love and attention and maybe, if she can talk the husband into it,
a brother kitten from the HSLC of his own to play and wrestle with.

We just read the good news that Sully finally found his way to a new home, and that his owner may come back for a brother for Sully. Well, she did and now Magic has a home, too! Magic came into us as a stray and spent a few weeks in foster care before he hit his 2lb mark and was able to be neutered. He has been an adventurous kitten from the start and was becoming more and more affectionate and curious the older he got. It is no surprise that his new owner fell in love with him and decided to turn one kitten into two. Now, both of our spunky kittens have a new home and a new brother.