Katie came to us back in April of 2012. This April would have hit her 5 year mark here at the humane society. Luckily, she never made it to that mile marker. Last Friday Katie adopted a new owner. When she first came in the rumor has it Katie was less than friendly. She would hiss and swat and didn’t want anything to do with attention. Since I have known her I haven’t seen anything but a sweet little, crooked tailed kitty. She was always at the door waiting to greet whoever it is will give her some attention and was always rubbing up on you when you were petting the other cats or cleaning her room. When her new owner stopped in to take a look at the cats she started in the adult room and automatically fell in love with Katie. She checked out all of the cats to make it fair and went from room to room but ultimately decided that “I think Katie has already adopted me.” So, that’s just what she did! Last Saturday Katie went to her new home, where she will have some kitty friends. Her new owner wanted to be sure the transition was slow and Katie has her very own room until she is ready to meet her new housemates. I couldn’t be more excited for Katie and her new family and know all of you will be, too!