It was last month that the HSLC took in 4 kittens from Animal Control. Three of the kittens, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, were born at Animal Control in June and had lived in a cage their entire lives until brought to the HSLC. Here they have been able to run and play with the other kittens in their room, while waiting for a home (something they had never had). Now, one of those kittens, Huey, has found his way to a new home! His new parents came in looking for a playmate for their 3 month old kitten and fell in love with Huey and his social self. He is always running to the door as it opens and was definitely one of the more affectionate kittens in the room. Now, he has not just one room but a whole house to run around and live in, with a younger brother to play with!