It was a great day as Felix, the dog, went home! When he first came in Felix had no hair on his back from his shoulders to his tail. The hair loss and severe inflammation were due to an extreme flea allergy. Once we got Felix a preventative the fleas just started dropping off. It only took about a week for the hair to start growing back and not long after that he was good as new. In December the HSLC put on a donation drive with the local schools and Hartem was one of the schools that participated. They were scheduled to bring some students to the shelter to check it out and drop off their donations, but then we were hit with all that ice and school was cancelled for them. So, they rescheduled and came in last Wednesday the 25th. The superintendent of the school drove the bus for the students and as soon as he spotted Felix he was in love. The very next day he was back for another visit to take a look at Felix and send pictures to his wife. Then, on Saturday the whole family made their way to the shelter, along with their Bulldog Molly, to spend some time with Felix. However, he was at the theater! So, the entire family loaded up and went over to the theater so Molly, and the family, could meet Felix at the park.
Molly wasn’t so sure of Felix but Felix was sure of all of them! Finally, this past Tuesday Felix’s new owners filled out an application to take Felix home.
All went well and Felix made his way out the door with his new family!