One Monday night HSLC Shelter Manager got a call at about 9 pm that there was a dog sitting outside the shelter. Sure enough when she pulled up he was right at the door, but he ran off as soon as he saw the car stopping. For two days we tried to entice him inside or get him to come up to us but with no luck. With the help of animal control, and a dog trap, we were able to catch him early Wednesday morning. Animal Control soon discovered that he was just a scared pup, at a year and a half, who was actually super sweet. Animal control transferred him to HSLC to find a forever home. Which is just what we did. A couple came in to meet him before he was even out of isolation. They fell in love with his picture on Facebook and even more in love in meeting him. Now he has a home with two other dachshunds who are both 2 years old. The introduction at the shelter between the dogs went great and his new owners have promised to send us updates!