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When we see a dog or cat find a forever home it makes us so happy! We’d love to see your pet’s success story. If you have adopted a pet from HSLC please send us a picture or two along with your how your pet is doing and we’ll post it on our website to share with others. Your stories inspire us to continue to do this good work.


May 27, 2020 – HSLC is excited to share that Shyla has been adopted! This special girl met her prospective family on Saturday, and it was love at first sight. The couple had been looking at Shyla online and they had a feeling it would be a perfect fit, but meeting her in person sealed the deal. Shyla stole their hearts with her sweet personality and playful spirit. On May 24th, the three officially became a family and we are thrilled. Shortly after getting home they sent us a picture of Shyla snuggled up on her new bed and enjoying a treat. While the volunteers will miss this special girl, we wish her and her new family all the best!

ZuZu – Adopted 6/10/2020


April 17, 2020 – Sweet Samantha was one of the Pets of the Week last week, and she got adopted last week as well!

Congrats to her and her new family! In these trying times, it’s extra heartwarming seeing the homeless pets find a loving family!


April 21, 2020 – Jacks found his forever home on Saturday! He gave his new mom lots of cuddles while she visited and am sure he will do the same in his new loving home!

Stay tuned for this week’s pet(s) of the week for available adorable cats!


April 27, 2020 – Spade was adopted last week!

In the last week of January, a mother and daughter came to the shelter and adopted an adult cat. At that time, they said they might be back later for another cat. Time passed and later came. Last week, they came back to the shelter. The other cat they had been thinking about had been adopted, but that
was not a problem. Spade quickly let them know that he was ready to go to a forever home. And, so today, he did. He went to a home with a big cat tower, a cat friend he already knows, a loving family, and a new name; Franklin.


May 11, 2020 – Royal was adopted last week! So happy our animals are finding great homes during this time! Congrats to him and his new family!

Mr Rogers

March 31, 2020 – Over the past week, three kittens were adopted! BJ, Mr. Rogers, and Lucy all found homes.

Two of them were adopted into families with children and the other into a family with other cats! They will all have lots of fun in their new homes!

Congrats to them all! Thank you for adopting!

Cat Adopted

April 10, 2020 – All of these cats found their forever home last week! They all have human or fur siblings to play with in their new homes! Grace and Honey were even adopted together!

Congrats to all of the adopting families!

Minute and Junkie

April 15, 2020 – Starting the week with wonderful news!

The bonded pair Minute and Junkie have found their forever home!! Congrats to them and their new family!


April 15, 2020 – Earlier this month, Lucy found her forever home!

A 13-year-old rat terrier came to visit Lucy. She was tentative at first, but Lucy insisted they become friends. After a little while, they began playing and enjoying each other’s company. The parents were loving Lucy too. She snuggled into arms, but what she really wanted to do was play. On adoption day, the two dogs greeted each other with wagging tails and excitement. Lucy, now Baleigh, found her forever home.


March 16, 2020 – Milo was adopted last week!

Retired and ready to take on a challenge. That describes Milo’s new dad. The family has had dogs, but a puppy is a whole new undertaking. The entire family visited Milo; mom, dad, and Charlie, the twelve-year-old dog.

Milo did his best to impress everyone, but the prospect of training a puppy was a little scary. However, dad has the time to devote to the project, and Milo is very loving. He sat proudly in the front seat of the truck as he rode home to his
new home!


March 23, 2020 – Moose was adopted!

A husband and wife traveled many miles to meet Moose, and they weren’t disappointed. Neither was he. Their last dog was over 100 pounds, so Moose did not seem large to them. Last Monday, Moose’s new father made the trip again to adopt Moose and take him home. After greeting each other, they
went to the truck to begin the ride back home. Moose was put into the back of the vehicle and before his father could get in the front, Moose had claimed the passenger seat. He was going to his forever home in style!


March 26, 2020 – These two cuties were adopted last week!

Gingko found a lovely home with children and Firecracker was adopted by a long time HSLC volunteer and supporter. So happy for all involved!


March 26, 2020 – This girl was one of our Pets of the Week yesterday and oddly enough, she ended up getting adopted yesterday!

Congrats to Socks (now Sadie) and her new family!


February 25, 2020 – Cute Kitten alert and we still have some kittens in the shelter that could be a part of your family too!

A week ago a lady came to the shelter looking for a kitten to adopt. Three kittens had just entered the shelter from their foster homes the day before. Two were still trying to adapt to their new lives, but the third was inquisitive and exploring every part of the room. When the prospective adopter went into the room, he was all ready to meet and entertain her. Of course, he won her heart. He snuggled and purred his way into the carrier for his trip to his forever home. Tribble has a
new name: Taraseno after a Blues hockey player!


February 29, 2020 – The last animal to be adopted in February was Tupelo!

She was the youngest kitten at HSLC. Her new mother decided they needed a kitten to add to their home, and Tupelo was the one to become a family member. So, shopping for food, toys, and necessary kitten items was done, papers were signed, and Tupelo spent some time in her mother’s arms before starting on the journey to her new life. She now has a dad, three teenagers, and a five-year-old to meet and love in his forever home.


March 10, 2020 – Midnight was adopted!

His new family had come to the shelter looking for a special kitten for their little girl to love. Mother and daughter held kittens, played with kittens, and loved on kittens until the little girl chose Midnight to be part of their family. So, last week, Midnight went to his new home to begin his new life with his new family. And, it was a great happy birthday present for the just three-year-old girl.


March 11, 2020 – Their home needed a cat to complete it, so they came to the shelter to find one to make part of their family. BoBo was chosen by them, and he returned the honor.

Yesterday was the day. Just before the shelter closed, Bobo’s adoption was completed. He was roused from his nap on the window seat to be placed in the arms of his new parents. Away he went to a new life and a new name….Teddy.

We love when our animals find homes, do you have room in your heart and home for a rescue?


February 13, 2020 – Saturday Jolene and Jazzy found their forever home! Always fun when people adopt multiples 😁 All of Jazzy’s siblings were adopted, and a short time ago, his mother was adopted. Saturday was his turn! He has a new home and a new name, River.

Jolene, now named Boo, went to the same forever home today. Also living in the home are three dogs!


February 14, 2020 – Happy Valentines Day! 🥰

Two more kittens were adopted this week and just in time to be loved on two special holidays!

When Meadow was about six weeks old, she came to HSLC and immediately went to a foster home. Just three days before her first birthday, she went to her forever home! Meadow likes to cuddle and be near people.

With her went Willow. He was just two days old when he went to a foster home. Willow is a little fearful, so he will go through a period of adjustment, but he now has his own home and person to love.

Two very nice kittens celebrating a birthday and Valentine’s Day in their new home together!


February 15, 2020 – This adorable guy made his way around Facebook last Saturday. In fact, he was shared over 600 times!! Its no surprise that many people were interested in meeting him.

With that said, Smokey found his forever home this week! He even has a new dog sibling to play with!

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission of finding homes for our animals!


February 21, 2020 – Last week we had a lot of cats adopted and these two were part of that crew!

A family had adopted a cute dog we had a few months ago, Penelope. They decided they wanted to add a cat to their family and knew Penelope got along well with cats. They came to the shelter and decided that Remus would be the perfect cat to add to their family!

Elwood was also adopted last week. He does not have any fur siblings, so that means he will get all of the love and attention from his new family!

Congrats to everyone!


February 4, 2020 – We had another dog named Bailey adopted last week!

Many HSLC volunteers loved and remember Brooklyn, as some as you may remember her story too. She was adopted and greatly loved, but recently she became very ill and passed away. Her father came back to HSLC to fill the hole in his life, not to replace her, but to find another dog to love.

That dog was Bailey, the chocolate lab. Bailey handed out a couple of kisses, did a lot of tail wagging and proudly sat in the front seat of the truck waiting to go to her forever home.

A phone call later in the day proved that home was a success. She had found a good sitting place…..his lap. Perfect match!


February 8, 2020 – Finding the right pet can be tough, but a handful of our volunteers are great at either adopting the pets themselves or finding family members or friends who have the perfect home for our animals! We love this quality in our volunteers 😁

Two of our volunteers recently told their friends about Arlo. They thought he would fit right into their lives. So, they came to visit him. Instant connection!

Arlo liked them from the moment he saw them, so what could they do? They adopted him. He went to his forever home to meet his two dog “siblings” and to start his new life. He
even barked good-bye as he started towards the door.

Mr. Bojangles

February 9, 2020 – The past week brought a few more kitten adoptions! We still have plenty of very cute and cuddly kittens that are looking for their forever homes and maybe even their special Valentine!

Mr. Bojangles was recently adopted, he fell in love with his new owner! Maybe one of our kittens or even adults cats will fall in love with you??

Honey Bun

February 11, 2020 – Honey Bun found her forever home recently! Her new mom was so excited to adopt her and Honey Bun was thrilled to go to her new home and see her new cat tree to play on!

We are open today through Saturday, come visit us to see if we have a kitten, cat or dog for you!

Nadia, Xyler, Cori

January 28, 2020 – When you come to adopt, you never know how your story may end!

A family came to the shelter looking for either a cat or dog. They weren’t sure which they wanted, but they knew they wanted a pet. They looked, left to think it over, came back pretty much decided it would be a cat, looked again, left, came back with some of their children.

And, decided for sure a kitten would be what they wanted….. then, two kittens, and finally three kittens. They are littermates, so it would be a shame to separate them.

Nadia, Xyler, and Cori get to continue their lives together in their new forever home!


January 29, 2020 – Nitro & Amaris were the latest two kittens to be adopted!

Nitro’s new family came into the shelter to look at one of our other cats, but Nitro made it known to them, that he was their true match!

Amaris is now a resident of Indiana! His new owner saw him on Pet Finder and the drive to meet him and take him home!


January 31, 2020 – Mama was a pet of the week in January and has found her forever home!

Late Wednesday afternoon Mama went to her forever home. Her new family spent lots of time over several days visiting the shelter and meeting all of the cats and kittens. Many things drew them to Mama……her laid back personality, her lovingness, her attitude, and the fact that she had lived with
dogs. So, home she went to a new life with parents, a teenage daughter, and two dogs. And, she has a “grandfather” who is a long-time HSLC volunteer.

Congrats to all!


February 1, 2020 – We are so happy to share that this special boy, Bailey, found his forever home on Saturday!

Marley, Kara, and Baby

January 20, 2020 – HSLC shelter is still very busy with adoptions, especially the kittens!

Marley, Kira, and Baby all found great homes last week!

This was especially exciting for Marley as he was adopted once, brought back and then off to his forever home!

Parkr, Bagal, and Crumpet

January 21, 2020 – Parker, Bagel and Crumpet found their forever homes over the past week!

Parker is going to be in a home with another kitten to play with. Bagel and Crumpet are litter mates and so happy to spend their forever home together!

Think these kittens are just adorable?? Come to the shelter to see if you have a new kitten pal for you!

Joy and Ceama

January 22, 2020 – Joy and Ceana made the list of kittens adopted over the past week as well!

Joy is a bit shy, so her new mother has had a hard time getting a good photo of her, but seems to be happy in her new home. She is getting used to her new surroundings and human siblings.

Ceana is now “Oreo” and is thrilled to have a one-year-old cat and human siblings to play with in her forever home!


January 27, 2020 – Pretty Holly was the latest dog to be adopted!

Two of our volunteers got to spend time with Holly when she came to the shelter and when she was ready to be adopted, they were the first to jump at the chance! Holly loved spending time with them, so when she got the chance to leave the shelter and go to her forever home, she couldn’t be happier!

Bailey and Penelope

January 3, 2020 – We have had a lot of cat adoption stories lately, but dogs are finding homes too!

Bailey- A couple came to the shelter to meet Bailey. She was a possible Christmas present for the lady’s father. Bailey was not an “off the top of your head” choice. Her father had been looking at Bailey on the internet for some time. The couple went outside, and Bailey ran to meet them. No hesitation, no shyness. Both of them loved her at first sight and were sure that she would be perfect for her parents. On her adoption day, Bailey, tail wagging, and excited went to the car into the back seat. By the time her family got into the driver’s seat, Bailey had climbed over to give her a big kiss. She was going to a one day temporary home, and then she would go to her forever home with the parents. But, hopefully, once in a while Bailey would get to visit!

Penelope- Before Christmas, a 14-year-old girl and her grandfather came to the shelter to meet Penelope. When they met her, Penelope made wide circles around her grandfather but was anxious to meet and play with the young lady. After a while, Penelope became a little braver but still was not sure about him. They decided to complete an application anyway. The grandfather completed all of the adoption papers, and the young lady went back to the kennel area to get Penelope. The dog totally ignored the volunteer who went with her and focused immediately on the girl. The leash was hooked, and a mad dash was made to get out of the door and be on the way home. Now is the time for Penelope to bond with the grandfather. She has already chosen the young lady!


January 8, 2020 – 7 cats/kittens were adopted last week- HOORAY!

We will share their stories with you over the next week, today we highlight Webster’s adoption.

He chose a young lady who visited him a few days ago. And, she chose him. She said she didn’t sleep much last night because she was excited about bringing Webster home.
After all of the papers were signed, he was waiting at the door for her. He was anxious to go to his forever home. He has met two members of his new family, they have another cat and dog, so he will have lots of entertaining to do.

Applejack, Ziggy, Lucky, and Tick Tack

January 13, 2020 – On the last day of 2019 Lucky and Tick Tack went to their forever home. While the papers were being signed, Tick Tack nestled in her new father’s arms very content to just lie there
and wait to make this all permanent. At home, they will be spoiled by both parents, a young adult child, and three other children from the ages of 12 to 3. And, they will for the first time in their young lives make the acquaintance of a bearded dragon.

A couple of days after Christmas a lady and her daughter came to the shelter looking for a kitten to love. And, they found two…Applejack and Ziggy. Applejack had an appointment to get his last kitten vaccines, so they waited until he was ready to be adopted. They met their human family, and now it was time to meet the dog and cat members of the family. New year, new family, new names…..Barnaby and Betty Jones.

Dancer, Ridley and Waffle

January 15, 2020 – More kitten adoption stories!

Ridley & Dancer- On the last day of December, a family came to the shelter looking for a kitten to make part of their lives. Like everyone else who is looking for a kitten, they went into each room several times trying to decide which one was their kitten.

They found two! Ridley and Dancer seemed to be the ones to take into their family. Ridley kept his name, but Dancer became Sylvester. The family has updated that Dancer was zooming around the house checking out every nook and cranny. Surprisingly, Ridley was not as active, but they both had discovered the Christmas tree!

Waffle- Around Christmas time, Waffles adoption was approved, but was put on hold. Waffle had an upper respiratory infection, and there were older cats in his new home, so we waited until he was well. Adoption day rolled around and all was well! Anxious to go home and meet his new cat siblings!

Captain and Tennille

December 27, 2019 – A lady and her daughter came to the shelter to visit Captain and Tennille. They were looking for two dogs to add to their home and were thrilled to find a pair that had already bonded. Captain and Tennille were thrilled too. They both eagerly went to the two of them to be petted and loved on. A definite bond was made, and the decision was made that they were the right ones for their home.

A week’s wait was necessary because of work and distance. But, on 12-12 all was right with the world! They happily went to their forever home. And, a few hours later, a picture was sent to the shelter of both Captain and Tennille cuddling in the arms of the daughter.

Lotus, Rose and Cupcake

December 31, 2019 – Lotus, Rose, and Cupcake were adopted in the middle of December.

Lotus-Mom, dad and a five-year-old clutching a unicorn came to take Lotus home. While the papers were being signed, the young lady chose some other toys to take home with Lotus, but the unicorn was her special toy for her new special cat. After much snuggling and cuddling, Lotus (now known as Elly Sparkles) was on her way with her new family to her new home.

Rose- Her journey to her forever home has been adventurous. She was adopted as a small kitten, but a short time ago was found by animal control wandering the streets. Her people were called, but no response. So, she came back to the shelter to wait for her old family or to get a new family. Her new “mother” wanted her the first time she saw her, but a family illness slowed the adoption process. But, shortly after her adoption day came and Rose went home to meet her two “siblings”.

Cupcake- and Oreo were brought to the shelter together. Since Oreo was so small, she went to a foster home, Cupcake stayed in the shelter. One day Oreo went to his forever home, and the next day Cupcake went to her forever home. When her new family came looking for the perfect cat, Cupcake made herself known. She purred herself into the arms of the young man. She officially became a member of a family with three young people.

Regina Felix and Fiona

January 1, 2020 – More cats have found their forever homes!!

Regina- In August a lady came to the shelter looking for a kitten to adopt. She chose one and was approved. Before the actual adoption, a stray kitten came to her home. She took it in and decided not to adopt. Just a couple of days ago, she came back. She wanted another kitten in her home. The one she had originally wanted to adopt had already found a forever home. After visiting all of the rooms, she chose Regina. Regina went to her forever home to meet her new “sibling” and to start her new life with a new name…Laini.

-Felix & Fiona- A husband and wife came to the shelter looking for a cat to adopt. They visited every room….some more than once and spent a great deal of time before deciding they were going to apply but not make a decision at this time. A few days later they came back. Again, lots of visits into each room. Finally, she decided that Fiona was the one for her. They came for one cat, but he was talked into two cats (it didn’t take too much persuasion) and he chose Felix. Their carrier was too small for both cats, so they borrowed one from HSLC. A while after the adoption, he returned the carrier and reported that both Felix and Fiona were exploring the house and that Felix already had his eye on the Christmas tree!

Grady and Giggles

January 2, 2020 – Grady- A lady and her adult daughter came to the shelter looking for a cat. They thought they needed a cat to make their home complete. Just like everyone else who comes looking for a cat, they visited every room many times. Finally, she went back to room two, and Grady came to her to be snuggled. He curled up in her arms like a baby and was very content to just stay there. Of course, she had found her cat. Technically, Grady is still a kitten, but he is a big kitten. He was very happy when the day came for him to be with her forever!

Giggles- Before Christmas, a family with a baby and a three-year-old daughter came looking for a kitten. They, too, visited every room many times before finally deciding Giggles was the one they wanted to be part of their family. After knowing they were approved to adopt, they went shopping for cat toys which added to the excitement for the young daughter. She chose a feather wand to take home for Giggles. When completing paperwork, the usual question was asked about the name. When she was asked, she answered, “Clark”. Apparently, they had been watching some Christmas movies. But the name fits the cat! So, Giggles (now known as Clark) went to his forever home to meet his new family and get used to his new name.


December 16, 2019 – Kitten adoptions!

Just before Thanksgiving, a family came to the shelter looking for a kitten to adopt. They visited every room several times, and finally decided that Midnight (who makes himself known to everyone) was the one to be part of their family. However, the teenage daughter fell in love with Nyla who was not ready for adoption. Parents agreed to two cats, and the wait began. On 12/5, after waiting for Nyla to be
released for adoption, the two cats went to their forever home. Nyla remained Nyla, but Midnight was changed to Sirius.


December 17, 2019 – Another kitten adoption, but a twist on yesterdays post!

The family that adopted Midnight, said he refused to use the litter box in their home. They loved him, but they could not cope with his behavior and they decided to return him to the shelter. They wanted to still have two cats, so they spent a good deal of time visiting each room to determine who would be best for their home.
They chose Cassie who is a year old and very gentle. There was sadness and happiness as the new adoption was completed……happiness to be adding a cat to their home, and sadness because they truly loved Midnight and did not want to return him. Cassie left the shelter to meet Nyla and settle in her new home.


December 18, 2019 – A young man came to the shelter looking for a black lab, but he was too late. Our lab puppies had been adopted. However, Sissy caught his eye. She seemed to like him,
and he certainly liked her. But since the outside kennel area was being worked on, he could not go outside and play with her. Not a problem…he came back another day. He brought his mother to meet Sissy, and he completed an application. On 12/11, a very excited young man came to give Sissy a forever home. She went quickly out of the front door ready to go into the truck to ride to her home with her new dad!


December 19, 2019 – No surprise, Oreo quickly found her forever home after her Pet of the Week spotlight!

When Oreo was relinquished to the shelter, she was so small she went to a foster home. When big enough, she came to the shelter where she won the hearts of the volunteers and many, many members of the public; some local and some a distance away.

As she became available for adoption, there were
numerous excellent applications for her. A committee was formed, and a choice of adopters was made.

Yesterday she went to her forever home where she will be part of a family with a stay at home mom, a father, and four homeschooled children.

Oreo, now Lily, will have attention, love, and someone to play with at all times.

Merry Christmas to Oreo/Lily and her new forever family!


December 2, 2019 – On Thursday the 21st, Jazz went to his forever home!

A family came to the shelter looking for a new cat to love. They had been a dog and cat family, but no longer had a cat. So, to make their family complete again, they look at and held every cat in the shelter, they decided (and Jazz decided) he was the one. That Thursday morning he went home. The smile on the face of the young man in the family told the whole story!


December 3, 2019 – Recent pet of the week, Dixie, found her forever home!

Recently a young man came to the shelter to meet Dixie. They liked one another… a lot! He got his parents to visit her as well, and they all fell in love! After the application process was complete, Dixie went home with her new pal and parents!


December 4, 2019 – Lilly came to the shelter as a 14-year-old but had a hard time adjusting to her new scene. She was placed in a foster home and blossomed!

She was featured as the pet of the week, and a family with a lonely 14-year-old cat, decided Lilly would be the perfect addition to their family! After they all met, and the adoption process was complete, Lilly went to her forever home and to meet her new cat pal!


December 6, 2019 – Dakota found her forever home!

Her new family is made up of adults who had absolutely fallen in love with her. Dakota had come to the shelter from a family who loved her, but life circumstances made it impossible for them to keep her. She showed with her husky howl that she
missed them too. But, now, she has a new family to love. They traveled some distance to meet her and
came back again to adopt her. Then, Dakota, with a new collar, a new leash, and a new name – Coco,
went eagerly to the car to enjoy the ride to her new home.

Miss Nova

November 8, 2019 – Miss Nova found her forever home!

Yet another dog within the past month was adopted by HSLC volunteers! This couple has been dedicated to HSLC for many years and has had rescues in their home before. Recently their beloved girl passed and left a hole in their hearts as all great pets do!

Since this couple is at the shelter often, they get to meet lots of our animals. When Nova came to HSLC, they fell in love with her! They fostered her for a while and this week she became an official family member!

Congrats to Nova and her new parents, we couldn’t be happier for you all!


November 14, 2019 – Remember this sweet girl? She got adopted!

Ember was only about a week old when she and her siblings went to live in one of HSLC’s foster homes. All of her siblings were adopted, but she stayed in the shelter waiting.

Last Thursday was her day! Her new mother saw her Pet of the Week story on this Facebook page, and she decided Ember needed a loving home.

She was happily adopted and will get plenty of playtime with her new dog at cat siblings.

Congrats to her and her new family!


November 15, 2019 –Tilly was adopted last week!

Snow, wind, and slick country roads did not stop Tilly’s new family from coming to the shelter to take her to her forever home. Her new parents and a grandchild all made the trip to Lincoln to add a new family member. Tilly’s new home has three other dogs, barn cats, ¼ acre fenced-in area in which to run, horses and eight grandchildren to entertain. In spite of the unseasonably cold, Tilly had a very warm welcome from her new family and her forever home.


November 18, 2019 –Miss Roxie was adopted last Friday!

A dog had not been in this couple’s lives for many, many years. They came to the HSLC shelter to see if there was a dog who could fit into their family. Even though an older dog would have been much easier, they fell in love with the puppy Roxie. An application was made and approved, the call was
made to set up a time for the adoption. They decided to wait until Friday. They had shopping to do and lots of homework on puppies! Friday came, the adoption was done, and Roxie gave an abundance of tail wags and kisses to her new parents. She excitedly went out of the door to her forever home.


October 25, 2019 – Last week was wonderful, several cats were adopted!

Tamara and Koa were part of that bunch!

Koa’s Story: About two years ago, a family came to the shelter to adopt a cat, and they took Carter home. It was time to get a friend for Carter, so they came back to the shelter. After spending time looking, they decided Koa would fit into Carters life and their life. Koas new family now consists of her parents, another cat, and two boys ages 11 and 6. She will receive lots of love and play time!

Tamara’s Story: She came to the shelter when her person passed away, but now she has her forever home! Her new parents had only one cat, and they felt they needed another cat to make their home complete. So, Tamara was the chosen one. She is a little shy, so it might be a little while before she is comfortable with her new surroundings, but there were lots of hugs and kisses she seemed to enjoy before they left for her forever home.


October 28, 2019 – More cats were adopted and we are so very happy!

Pumpkin, Levi and Tigger all found homes this month!

Pumpkins story: Losing a cat after a serious illness is a very sad occasion, but adopting a cat is a happy time! One of
HSLC’s new volunteers decided her family needed a cat to make their home complete again. Her family came to the shelter and decided Pumpkin should be the cat in their home!

Levi & Tigger’s story: Many years ago before the shelter was built, a couple adopted two cats from HSLC. They were from
the same litter, and they thought they should be in the same home. As time went on, one of the two cats passed away, and a short time ago, the second cat also passed away. They were truly loved, and the family needed to have a cat in their lives again. So, a trip to the shelter resulted in Levi finding a forever home. But, while completing the adoption of Levi, a decision was made to also take Tigger home.

Congrats to all of these great cats and their new families!


November 4, 2019 – Many years ago, HSLC began with a small group of dedicated people. On Saturday one of those people came to the shelter with her family to look at cats. The two children, a boy 8 and a girl 5, could each choose a cat to add to their family. It didn’t take long. The young man found Rascal in a very short period of time. He was the one! Took the daughter a little longer, but Elvira seemed to be the one
to make her way into her heart.

Congrats to these two and their new family!


November 6, 2019 – On October 25th, we had 4 cats adopted! HSLC was very busy with adoptions in October and we could not be happier for all the dogs and cats that found their forever homes!

Congrats to Nemo, Dolly, Precious and Suzie, and their new families!


October 15, 2019 – Another HSLC dog was adopted by another HSLC volunteer!

A past volunteer for HSLC has come back and is working with both the dogs and the cats. While working with the dogs, she met and fell in love with Quinn. Just working with him wasn’t enough, she came on her off time to play with him. After a few days, a decision was made. Quinn was going home
with her. Quinn went to his forever home. She has already sent an update and pictures. He is adjusting well to his new home, and he looks like a very happy dog!


October 21, 2019 – Last week, Shorty was adopted!

He is a senior citizen. He has medical problems. He is loved. A lady knew about him but didn’t really think she should adopt. As a matter of fact, she came to the shelter, talked, but did not look at him.

Then, fate took a hand. She and her husband were headed home, and they made a decision to turn left instead of right. That brought them to the shelter. Shorty was brought to the adoption room, interacted with them, and won their hearts; especially when he snuggled up and nestled himself into the man’s beard. Shorty went to his forever home where he will be much loved as he should be.


October 22, 2019 – Always fun when two pets are adopted together!

A husband and wife came into the shelter looking for a cat… least she was looking for a cat. She went into every room, touched every cat, and couldn’t make up her mind.

He looked too, but she was relentless trying to find just the right one. Finally, she decided on Xavier and wavered about Cloudy. Did they want two cats?

An application was completed and approved. By then a decision was made. Yes, they wanted two cats. Xavier and Cloudy were off to their forever home!

We were updated that once they were home, they had explored, Xavier had decided on his resting spot, and Cloudy
was following the husband around everywhere he went.


October 23, 2019 – Last Tuesday was a busy day at the shelter. Several people came at the same time looking at the cats.

Every time a door opened, a kitten (or two or three) ran out, they were retrieved and put back. Amidst all of this, people were petting and cuddling the cats.

Two of those people needed a little more life in their house, so they both chose a kitten to adopt. Today, those two kittens went to their forever home. Their new fathers went on a kitten shopping spree before bringing them home, so they will be entertaining and entertained… house to explore, new toys to play with, and best of all, new “fathers” to love.

Congrats to Duncan and Athena!

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October 7, 2019 – The last week of September was great for our pups! The first dog to find her forever home was Avery!

She is just under a year old, full of energy and lab puppy exuberance, but on adoption day she was a very shy
young lady. Avery was going to her forever home. She had met her new “parents” and her new “sibling” and had played with him with her usual energy. But this was different.

A lady she had not seen for a few days and going out a different door was scary to her! But not so scary that she couldn’t give her new “mother” a kiss.

She was all decked out in a new blue halter and ready to go for a ride in a car to her new home which will soon be a lot less scary, and she will be handing out lots and lots of kisses.

Teddy Bear

October 8, 2019 – The second pup to find a forever home the last week of September was Teddy Bear!

One of the blessings of being a volunteer at HSLC is interacting with the animals. Its watching them
change, grow, and become part of your heart. Its watching them find forever homes. Its even adopting one of

That’s what happened one Friday night. After working in the dog area, a husband and wife volunteer team signed all of the adoption papers and made Teddy Bear part of their family. HSLC and Teddy thanks them for all of the hours they devote to helping the animals and for giving a wonderful dog a forever home!


October 8, 2019 – Last dog to be adopted at the end of September was Bo, and by yet, another HSLC volunteer!

A volunteer and his wife came to the shelter to look at the dogs. The volunteer already knew which dog he wanted to take home, but his wife had not yet met him. They played, got acquainted, and took an application. Time passed. Then, on that Wednesday night, the volunteer came from work to adopt Bo.

What was unusual about this was that the volunteer was on his way home to Ohio for a few days, and Bo was going to travel a long distance to a new home with other animals.
Was this going to work? It did! Bo is living in his forever home, and one of his new “siblings” is another dog named Lady who was adopted from HSLC. A family of animal lovers that HSLC is very thankful for!


October 14, 2019 – Two more cats have made their way to a forever home this month! Abby & Tiger

Abby came to HSLC from animal control. She was rescued by a very caring lady. When Abby came into the shelter, her rescuer visited her frequently. She even donated enough money to pay for Abby’s adoption. Finally, an adopter came for Abby. They came from another town just to meet her, apply for her and adopt her. The first plan of action was to keep the adoption a secret so he could surprise his
mother who was Abby’s rescuer. His mother’s prayers were answered. Abby got a wonderful forever home, and she could visit her frequently.

Tiger’s story: A lady and her mother drove from Bloomington to the HSLC shelter to meet the kittens. After visiting
every room, she and Tiger chose each other. Lots of holding, some kisses, and it was absolutely a given….Tiger was the one. The application was completed, and she went back home for a few days. Again, lots of cuddling before the ride home. Not only does Tiger have a new home, she has a new

Pearl and Callie

September 23, 2019 – A little over a week ago, our hearts were warmed when this pair got adopted! They were brought to the shelter after their owner had passed and had been at the shelter for quite a while. Such a sweet story!

A young lady came into the shelter looking for a dog. On her way back to the kennel area, she stopped, looked in room 4, went in and picked up Purrl. After holding her for a little while,
she went on her way to the dogs. She spent some time with one of them, came back to room 4 and again interacted with Purrl and Callie.

She asked for both a dog and a cat application. Later that day she came back with an application for Purrl and Callie. On 9/11 two of our very senior cats, went to their forever home to live out the rest of their lives.

Congrats to this pair and their new mom!


September 28, 2019 – Another kitten has found their forever home!

A prospective adopter came to the HSLC shelter to look at the kittens. She and one of the kittens in room 3 became good friends. An application was made and approved but
since she lived out of town, she had to wait a week to take him home.
She and her daughter were waiting when the shelter opened, and her daughter waited patiently while all the paperwork was done.
Finally, Smokey was put into her arms! After some snuggle time, Smokey went into the carrier for the car trip to her new forever home.


October 1, 2019 – Remember these three cuties?? Kizzy, Sweetie, and Boy Boy were adopted on 9/14!! Since the three of them were so bonded, they had to be adopted together.

Kizzy, the mother, had never been separated from her children, and it would be cruel to do so now. Their new “mother” has lost several of her dogs this past year (everyone was well into the teen years), and her house seemed very quiet.

Now, there are three new sets of paws to add to the family. The two dogs already in the home have learned to accept the coming and going of different dogs, and they will not be surprised to have new ones join them in their forever home.


October 1, 2019 – Owlette was adopted last week!

Her new family consists of an adult daughter and her father. They had lost a dog, and they thought a cat might be just what they needed to fill the void. Shortly after the shelter
was open, the paperwork was signed, and Owlette was introduced to the father.

After cuddling and being told she was going to a great home, she reluctantly went into the carrier and out to the door to her forever home where she will be queen of all she surveys.


September 11, 2019 – The last week of August was very busy, especially in our cat and kitten rooms!

Ramie has found her forever home!

She was adopted by a young lady who is busy doing her student teaching, but who needed a kitten to keep her life interesting.

A week ago she and her mother came to look at the kittens, and Ramie with her black mustache and sweet ways charmed herself into the young lady’s heart.

Congrats to Ramie and her new mom!


September 13, 2019 – This adorable senior found her forever home last week!

Sugar had been in the shelter a few weeks waiting for that right person to come along and take her home, and it happened!

Her new dad has been without a dog for several years, and he felt as if the time was right for a new best friend. Sugar seemed to be the one, and a bond was quickly formed.

As he held her in his arms while leaving the shelter, she wrapped her front paws around his arm as if to tell the world she was going home with him!


September 17, 2019 – Another kitten has found his forever home!

Last week a lady came to the shelter to look for a playmate for her cat. She opened the door to room 2 and a black and white cat ran out of the door. After retrieving the cat, she said her cat at home was also a door dasher.

She visited every room, played with all of the cats, and decided that the door dasher was the cat for her. He was very affectionate and seemed to really like her. After the
adoption papers were signed, and it was time to check the microchip number, Whisperer came right to her as if he knew he had found a forever home, and her cat found a new playmate.


September 18, 2019 – This beautiful girl wasn’t with us long before finding her new home!

A lady came to the shelter to look at our dogs. She was especially interested in Jada because she had a
boxer at home. After interacting with her for a while, she completed an application for adoption. All was well, and the application was approved.

Last week she brought a beautiful brindle boxer with her to
meet Jada. Jada was very interested, but Bella had too many strange smells to investigate to be too excited about a dog she could see.

But, she decided to adopt thinking the dogs would work it out since there seemed to be no animosity. With both dogs in the car, Bella’s interest in Jada increased, and a bond was beginning to form. So, Jada Ann went to her forever home with a new dog friend, parents, and three human siblings.

Congrats to Jada and her new family!


August 19, 2019 – Royal made his way home last week!!

Persistence pays dividends! A young man visited the shelter many, many times looking for his first dog. He liked several of them but there wasn’t that magic connection. Finally, he came, and Royal was there. That, he decided, was his dog.

But, Royal had to wait a while before he could be adopted. In the meantime, he visited the shelter several times, asked questions, played with Royal, and prepared to take
him home.

After all the adoption papers were signed, he chose a couple of toys for Royal to take home. And, he chose wisely. Royal walked happily out of the door carrying a big orange stuffed “critter” on his way to his forever home.

Congrats to Royal and his new forever family!


September 6, 2019 – Last Friday was another bittersweet day as one of our few remaining “long term residents” got adopted into their forever home!

You have all seen and heard a lot about Gump over the past year or so he has been with us. This sweet boy has a lot of love to give and it just took a long time to find the right family who wanted him as their own.

Gump will have a few human siblings in his new home and he was already playing with them before he left the shelter.

Congrats to him and his new family!


September 9, 2019 – This week and next week be prepared for several stories of recent adoptions! The past couple of weeks have been very happy at the shelter!

Today we are celebrating the adoption of Finn and Grumpy!

One day a mother and her children came to the shelter to pet the cats and kittens. They stayed a long time playing with them. Then, a day later, the same mother came with the father to look at kittens. They sat on the floor and played with them too.

A decision was made as to which ones to adopt. The
application was made for Finn and Grumpy. The mother came to adopt both kittens bright and early one Saturday morning. Her children were sleeping when she left home so the kittens were to be a surprise! Imagine the delight when the kittens and children met!


September 10, 2019 – Alfie has found a fantastic forever home!

An 11-year-old, 8-year-old and a 6-year-old, raised sweet corn, picked it and took it around the neighborhood and sold it. When they had enough money, they came to the shelter to play with the kittens.

One kitten stood out as the one they wanted to take home. Last week Alfie went to his forever home to be loved and cared for by three young people who worked hard to be able
to have a kitten.

These same children, for several years, have asked for animal food and supplies instead of birthday presents to donate to HSLC for the animals. Alfie is a lucky kitten to have such a caring family!