Can you spare 2 hours of your time once a week? 

HSLC volunteers care for our dogs and cats until they go to a forever home.

We are in need of volunteers at the shelter to help us with the dogs and cats.

We will train you.

You will work as a team with other caring and generous volunteers who graciously give of their time to clean and socialize the dogs and cats.

We volunteer 7 days a week.

You will get to know and love our dogs and cats and rejoice with us when they go to their new forever homes.  That’s really what it’s all about.

Call (217-737-4042) or come into the shelter and fill out a volunteer application. Fulfilling our mission is dependent on our dedicated volunteers.

We can’t do this without you.

Volunteer Spotlight – Melinda Cowan

Melinda Cowan


Melinda is a Beason, IL resident. She has been volunteering at HSLC for 7 years!! She helps maintain the cat rooms at the shelter. Melinda loves all animals, but cats are her favorite! Her favorite parts of volunteering are spending time with special cats and the special people who feel the same way she does about helping animals in need.

Melinda and her husband live on a farm, so they have many stray cats that stop by and decide to make it their home. Their current pet cat was dumped as a kitten; his name is Fred and he is 8 years old. Fred is quite the hunter as he likes to bring home mice, birds, rabbits and even a mink! They have tried making Fred an indoor only cat but he insists on spending part of his day roaming the farm. He always comes back into the house by dark. He does not get along with any other animals, so he prevents them from having more pets.

In Melinda’s spare time she likes working in her garden and playing with her grandchildren. She also loves all things Disney! Melinda is retired from nursing and enjoys helping her husband on the farm.

From everyone at HSLC, thank you Melinda for all that you do!