Humane Society of Logan County 3:35 PM
Item QuickReport 02/08/2017
October through December 2016 Accrual Basis
Name Memo
Other Charges
Best Friends Animal Hospital* Christopher McCullen
Harral, Martha Christopher McCullen
Sanders, Anthony Cliff Perkins
Pech, Larry Don McCann
Deters, The Family Dorothy Ott
Anonymous Dorothy Ott
Boyer, Verneena Dorothy Ott
Hurley, Marsha Dorothy Ott
Petersen, Fran Dorothy Ott
Anderson, Melody & Andy Dr Louis Cronin
Brackney, Jim & Karen Joyce Voyles
Jones, Woodrow & Sue Kent Deffenbaugh
Hahn, Leland & Adrienne Paul Givens
Tesh, Marcella & LaVerne Paul Givens
Pech, Larry Paul Givens
Parker, Jeff & Connie Paul Givens
Cummings, Darrel & Sheila Paul Givens
Snyder, Richard & Linda Paul Givens
Cooper, DeAnn Paul Givens
Green, Ruth & Robert Paul Givens
Thompson, Kay Paul Givens
Stalions, James & Karen Paul Givens
Illico Incorporated Paula Michelle “Shelly” Lewis
Garrett, Roger Paula Michelle “Shelly” Lewis
Smith, Tim Paula Smith
Wilmert, Barbara & Robert Paula Smith
Fink, Teri Paula Smith
Ryan, Linda Paula Smith
Stocker, Wilma Paula Smith
Alberts, Hazel Paula Smith
Holland, Rhoda Paula Smith
Semple, Janet Paula Smith
Russell, Sandra Paula Smith
Walden, Jim & Karen Paula Smith
Wilson, Donna Paula Smith
Alley, Shane & Crystal Paula Smith
Barry, Susan Paula Smith
Lecompte, Wendy Paula Smith
Westen, Roger & Judy Paula Smith
Jones, Woodrow & Sue Paula Smith
Dickerson, Jan & Bill Robert Coombs
Bailey, Joyce Robert Coombs
Greathouse, Robert & Marilyn Robert Coombs
Moore, Mary Robert Coombs
Gleason, Sharen Ruth Winter
Gesner, Irving Tom Hyde
Total Memorial-Person
Burbage, Ellen Adrianne, beloved companion of Sara,Eric & Lily Notto
Jones, Woodrow & Sue Adrienne -Eric Nottos Dog
Total Memorial-Pet
Total Other Charges