HSLC Board: The Annual General Membership meeting of the Humane Society of Logan County was held Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 6:30 PM. The election of FIVE seats on the Board of Directors of the Humane Society of Logan County was held at the General Membership meeting. Kay Anderson, Susan Boyd, Nikki Chapman, Dayne Dalpoas and Sue Jones were elected.

The General Membership also approved a change to the By-Laws that allows the Board of Directors to be expanded to nine members. The current Board will appoint two new members to serve until the July Membership meeting.

Membership Committee: Membership Renewal reminders have been mailed. Membership renewal helps in a large way to support the Mission of HSLC. Thank You. If you became a member or renewed your membership between January and June this year you are good until June 30, 2017. Membership renewals have generated close to $8500.00. What amazing generosity from the citizens of Logan County. Thank you.

Ways and Means Committee: Sue Newman, Ways and Means Chairperson, invites anyone interested in being on the Ways and Means Committee to call (217.671.1269) or e-mail ( There are exciting events planned but we need volunteers to make them successful.