Groucho and Ginger

Hi! Our names are Groucho and Ginger, and we live in the Humane Society of Logan County shelter. We are both special needs cats, and we are looking for a forever home together. We have feline aids, so we should not live with other cats. No other species can get aids from us, but if we really bit another cat, it could get aids which is a condition that suppresses the immune system In spite of the fact that we have compromised health, we can live a long life. My name is Groucho, and I am a black and white male about four years old. If you remember Groucho Marx and his mustache, you should be able to tell from my picture how I got my name. I am really laid back and loving. Ginger is also about four years old, but he is orange. Ginger has another condition that causes him problems and will have to be treated on a regular basis. He, too, is laid back and loving. We are very good cats, but we do need special care. If you are interested in giving us a home, either a forever home or a foster home, call or come to the shelter. We really could use your help. In the shelter, we have to be kept kenneled, but in a home, we could be free to roam the whole house. That, and loving care, is what we need. Call 217-737-4042 or stop by for more information.