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Photos by Noble Webster

When we see a dog or cat find a forever home it makes us so happy! We’d love to see your pet’s success story. If you have adopted a pet from HSLC please send us a picture or two along with your how your pet is doing and we’ll post it on our website to share with others. Your stories inspire us to continue to do this good work.


March 18, 2017 –  Those adorable little orange and white kittens are making their way out of the shelter and Dakota was the next one to find a home. After moving in to a new apartment and taking the time to settle in themselves a family finally decided a pet was needed to make their family whole. After looking online they fell in love with Dakota right away, visiting just made it official. Dakota went home earlier today with her new family and they, especially the daughter, were beyond excited to get her home!


March 18, 2017 –  Louie was a malnourished, underweight kitten who came to our shelter from animal control. He was born last June and had lived in a cage his entire life with his siblings until he was transferred to us in December. Finally he had been gaining weight and his coat was shining. He was very social and more of a cuddler than an active playful guy. This is exactly what drew his new owners to him. His new owners and their grandson visit the shelter frequently to visit with the cats and get to spend special alone time together at our shelter, with 20 so cats! They have been volunteering with us for a few months and finally decided to take home a kitty of their own, a kitty named Louie!


March 11, 2017 – It was only two days ago that Jasper made his way out of the shelter and into his new home, and today his sister, Mae the calico, went to her new family. Her new dad wanted to do something special for her new mom’s birthday and so planned ahead and made his way to the HSLC. The couple had purchased a home a couple months ago and had been wanting to get a new family member but they wanted to be sure they were moved in and ready before bringing someone home. Well, what better time to bring Mae home then the week everything is finally moved in and a birthday, too! Mae has the run of the house now and no more kitties to pester, but I’m sure she’ll find two new people to show her antics!


March 9, 2017 –  Jasper, a small kitten for a 9 month old, was brought to us over a month ago with his calico sister Mae. His owner had left him with a family member who ultimately hadn’t wanted him and brought him to the shelter. It took a few days for him and Mae to get used to life here at the shelter but as soon as they were moved into their new room they become the most affectionate cats in there. Jasper didn’t mind the other cats at all from the moment he was in there and loved the people even more. He was quite the chatterbox. It was in fact his talking that made his new owner, a former volunteer of ours, decide she just had to take him home. They did the adoption Thursday and now Jasper has gone to his new home, that he will share with a 15 year old sister cat who misses having a buddy around.himself!


March 8, 2017 –  Monty, one of the two boy orange kittens, was adopted Wednesday. He was a little more standoffish than his brother, Washington, but his markings drew his new mom right to him. Although he was born in a home with 11 other cats, Monty now has the run of the house to play and run as much as he pleases. In the future hopefully Monty will have another brother or sister but for now he gets the place all to himself!


March 5, 2017 –  Lucy was an English Bulldog brought to us by her owner’s sister. She likes her toys, her food, and pretty much everything else to be just hers and doesn’t like to share. It was because of this that her owners had to give her up, as they had just had a new baby and were concerned Lucy might nip at a baby or toddler who takes her stuff. However, it didn’t take her long at all to find a new family to take her in. Her new mom and dad saw her on Facebook and knew right away that they needed to add her to their family. Lucy has a brother named Ricky who is also an English Bulldog and a Golden Retriever sister. Although it’s going to take some time for Lucy to get used to her 4 month old baby sister, her and Ricky hit it off right away. Lucy went home last Sunday and has been doing great in her new home, although she doesn’t appreciate her new diet!


February 25, 2017 –  Violet has been in foster care for the last couple months. She was the black cat in Room 1 who developed a tumor under her eye. Her foster fell in love with her here at the shelter and offered to foster her for a while and give Violet a break from shelter life. Well, the love didn’t fade and Violet’s foster decided to take Violet on full time and as a permanent member of her family. Now, she’ll be living the rest of her life at home with her new mom!


February 25, 2017 –  Saturday morning was definitely cooler than it has been the last couple weeks but that didn’t stop some new pet parents from coming in to finalize their adoptions. Cali, a 2.5 month old kitten, came in to the shelter with her 3 other siblings in February. Their owner had 8 other cats and decided that 4 more was probably a bit too much. So, all four of these cute little orange and white kittens made their way to us and then up to APL soon after their arrival here to be spayed/neutered. Within 10 minutes of getting their photos on Petfinder there were already multiple emails about the kittens. One such person fell in love with the little girl Cali and knew she was the perfect kitty they had been looking for. The couple who adopted Cali has 5 kids. One of their children was diagnosed with leukemia 3 years ago and had been battling the cancer for the last few years. Six months ago they found out he was cancer free! All he had ever wanted was a kitty and his parents finally gave in after such good news. They came Saturday to pick Cali up and surprise the family with the new addition, the ultimate perfect ending!


February 25, 2017 –  Another great story comes with our second adoption of the week…Sophie! Sophie was our beautiful, senior, brindle Pitbull. She has had a rough go here at the shelter being in and out, and her last stretch here began last August. Sophie is a wonderful dog as all our volunteers will tell you, but she has one big quirk in that she is aggressive to other animals. It was the reason she was brought back to the shelter previously. Well, her new owners had just moved into a house and were ready to expand their family. They did not have any other pets and fell in love with Sophie’s goofy, happy personality right away. In the spring they were already having a fence put up and before even visiting any shelter they had paid their pet deposit with their landlord, they knew it was only a matter of time. They were told about Sophie’s story and her unfortunate issues but were willing and ready to take on the challenge. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love with Sophie, and it didn’t take her long to get comfy in her new home!


February 17, 2017 –  Chance, (No Picture) who also has longhair, was adopted early in the day. He is not going home alone though. His new owners had fallen in love with Spade, along with most of us here at the shelter, with his cute white ‘boots’ and splash of white on his face. When they came to take a look at Spade is when they saw Chance sitting in the corner and scooped him up to cuddle. Chance was a little afraid but once he was held he started to calm down. Now, Chance and Spade are not just roommates but brothers and have new parents to love them. They’re new owners also knew how skittish Chance was and hoped that with all the socialization they give him and with Spade to make him more comfortable, he would come around. Spade loves to play and is the opposite of shy. He always came up to whoever was in the room and made himself comfortable. They may be opposites now but hopefully will be one in the same with a little bit of time and love.


February 17, 2017 –  Kiwi was our only long-haired cat and the attention she got for it showed. She has had a wild couple weeks, being brought to the shelter with her three siblings, adopted out, and then returned again because her dog brother was too rough. That didn’t stop her from putting on her good looks and finding her now perfect home. A couple from Springfield Illinois saw Kiwi on Petfinder and knew right away they had to have her. They have two older cats and one 9 month old kitten who desperately needed a play mate. Even though Kiwi is more on the shy side they had faith that their playful guy would help her adjust to being in a new home.


February 17, 2017 –  Yesterday was an exciting day for Spaz, the 4.5 year old declawed kitty at the HSLC. She had originally come to us as an 8 month old kitten and was adopted within a month. Spaz lived in her new home happily for 3 years before she made her way back to us in September of 2016. Although she may have seemed stand-offish at times, Spaz loved pets. However, she preferred you to come to her and then would decide if she wanted to get up and move for you. It must have been one of those days she decided to get up and moving when her new owner came in. The two of them fell in love right away and Spaz stole the show. Now, she will have the whole house to herself and doesn’t have to worry about sharing her room with anyone else but her new mom.


February 16, 2017 –  The next adoption of the week was one that some people may have forgotten about…Jack! Jack was a lab/pit mix who was struggling here at the shelter. He didn’t do well with strangers and was always afraid of new people. The people he did know though, watch out, because he was a perfect gentleman who loved you unconditionally. Two of our volunteers decided it was time for him to try a different life out and took him home to foster. His new puppy pals and him did well right from the start. Although there was some hesitation and a little nervousness Jack fit right in. The fostering led to an adoption that no one could be more happy of. I am so glad for the outcome Jack was able to get and the special people who decided to give him a chance. So, thank you Carol and Andrew for deciding to add a new family member to your crew!


February 16, 2017 –  Finally, Hopsin was the cutest 8 month old brindle boxer pup you ever did see. He was quite the goof here at the shelter and everyone knew it wouldn’t take him long to find a new family. Well, on Tuesday evening Hopsin made his way to his new home. He may have come from some not so great circumstances but he didn’t let that get to him. Hopsin made his way in to Pet of the Week and even became a TV star. The exposure he gained allowed him to find a new young lady looking for an active dog to make her house a home. Hopsin fit right in and automatically connected (and made himself right at home when he got there). His new owner Casey already sent me pictures of how he is doing at home and is so excited to have him!


February 16, 2017 –  Katie came to us back in April of 2012. This April would have hit her 5 year mark here at the humane society. Luckily, she never made it to that mile marker. Last Friday Katie adopted a new owner. When she first came in the rumor has it Katie was less than friendly. She would hiss and swat and didn’t want anything to do with attention. Since I have known her I haven’t seen anything but a sweet little, crooked tailed kitty. She was always at the door waiting to greet whoever it is will give her some attention and was always rubbing up on you when you were petting the other cats or cleaning her room. When her new owner stopped in to take a look at the cats she started in the adult room and automatically fell in love with Katie. She checked out all of the cats to make it fair and went from room to room but ultimately decided that “I think Katie has already adopted me.” So, that’s just what she did! Last Saturday Katie went to her new home, where she will have some kitty friends. Her new owner wanted to be sure the transition was slow and Katie has her very own room until she is ready to meet her new housemates. I couldn’t be more excited for Katie and her new family and know all of you will be, too!


February 16, 2017 –  Shadow was our other lucky kitty who went home Tuesday afternoon. A few months ago Shadow came in as a 6 week old kitten and went straight into foster care. Once up for adoption it didn’t take him long to get adopted. He has a light grey coat and goofy personality that automatically attracts people to him. Unfortunately, only two months after he was adopted Shadow’s owner passed away. The family was planning to take Shadow but him and their dog weren’t doing well with one another and he found himself back at the HSLC. Only a couple weeks later and he is gone again. Now he lives with his new mom and new brother. He loves to play and constantly needs attention and I know his new brother will give him just that; he was so excited to take Shadow home!


February 16, 2017 –  It was last month that the HSLC took in 4 kittens from Animal Control. Three of the kittens, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, were born at Animal Control in June and had lived in a cage their entire lives until brought to the HSLC. Here they have been able to run and play with the other kittens in their room, while waiting for a home (something they had never had). Now, one of those kittens, Huey, has found his way to a new home! His new parents came in looking for a playmate for their 3 month old kitten and fell in love with Huey and his social self. He is always running to the door as it opens and was definitely one of the more affectionate kittens in the room. Now, he has not just one room but a whole house to run around and live in, with a younger brother to play with!


February 10, 2017 –  Finally, our maybe most exciting adoption for last week was…..Susie! A gentleman had shown interest in her on Friday and was forewarned of her behavior issues (of not using the litterbox) but decided to fill out an application anyway. He understood that she had had issues in the past of not using her litterbox (and still had occasionally but was getting better) but was ready to take on the challenge. He loved both her looks and her demeanor. Susie went home Saturday with her medicine, that she will be staying on to help her out, and a little bit of food to transition her to a new diet. Susie has been an extremely friendly cat while here at the shelter and could almost be compared to a dog, such as when she would roll over on her back to have you rub her belly. She was a silly cat that definitely could be described as a ‘diva’ but now has a new dad ready to give her everything she needs.


February 7, 2017 –  It was a great day as Felix, the dog, went home! When he first came in Felix had no hair on his back from his shoulders to his tail. The hair loss and severe inflammation were due to an extreme flea allergy. Once we got Felix a preventative the fleas just started dropping off. It only took about a week for the hair to start growing back and not long after that he was good as new. In December the HSLC put on a donation drive with the local schools and Hartem was one of the schools that participated. They were scheduled to bring some students to the shelter to check it out and drop off their donations, but then we were hit with all that ice and school was cancelled for them. So, they rescheduled and came in last Wednesday the 25th. The superintendent of the school drove the bus for the students and as soon as he spotted Felix he was in love. The very next day he was back for another visit to take a look at Felix and send pictures to his wife. Then, on Saturday the whole family made their way to the shelter, along with their Bulldog Molly, to spend some time with Felix. However, he was at the theater! So, the entire family loaded up and went over to the theater so Molly, and the family, could meet Felix at the park.
Molly wasn’t so sure of Felix but Felix was sure of all of them! Finally, this past Tuesday Felix’s new owners filled out an application to take Felix home.
All went well and Felix made his way out the door with his new family!


Janurary 31, 2017 –  One Monday night HSLC Shelter Manager got a call at about 9 pm that there was a dog sitting outside the shelter. Sure enough when she pulled up he was right at the door, but he ran off as soon as he saw the car stopping. For two days we tried to entice him inside or get him to come up to us but with no luck. With the help of animal control, and a dog trap, we were able to catch him early Wednesday morning. Animal Control soon discovered that he was just a scared pup, at a year and a half, who was actually super sweet. Animal control transferred him to HSLC to find a forever home. Which is just what we did. A couple came in to meet him before he was even out of isolation. They fell in love with his picture on Facebook and even more in love in meeting him. Now he has a home with two other dachshunds who are both 2 years old. The introduction at the shelter between the dogs went great and his new owners have promised to send us updates!


Janurary 31, 2017 –  After three weeks of waiting for the neuter to be done Sully’s (no picture) new owner was finally able to stop in to the shelter and take Sully home. He was everyone’s favorite feisty kitten that was full of spunk and always up and moving. This is exactly what made his new owner fall in love with him. She loved how active he was and of course how entertaining he could be. The family had lost their cat this past year and decided they were ready for a new addition, which brought them into the HSLC. After putting in her application and being told it would be a few weeks before he could leave the shelter his new mom was sad she couldn’t take him right away but was still set on him becoming hers. She came in many times from the first visit to the last to check in on him and even brought toys of her own for him and the other kittens to play with. Now he is in a new home with lots of love and attention and maybe, if she can talk the husband into it, a brother kitten from the HSLC of his own to play and wrestle with.

We just read the good news that Sully finally found his way to a new home, and that his owner may come back for a brother for Sully. Well, she did and now Magic has a home, too! Magic came into us as a stray and spent a few weeks in foster care before he hit his 2lb mark and was able to be neutered. He has been an adventurous kitten from the start and was becoming more and more affectionate and curious the older he got. It is no surprise that his new owner fell in love with him and decided to turn one kitten into two. Now, both of our spunky kittens have a new home and a new brother.


Janurary 27, 2017 –  Elizabeth, the kitten brought to Best Friends Animal hospital with a fish hook in her mouth, found an older, single gentleman who needed a buddy to cuddle up with. She may have had a rough start and was very skittish in her first few weeks with us (both with people and other cats). After a while she came to appreciate all of us, and the food we provided! Now, her owner has promised lots of treats and an apartment to roam around in.


Janurary 27, 2017 –  Tyko was our ten year old Chihuahua that I know everyone came to love and adore as much as me. He was brought to the shelter as his former owner had some financial and medical issues of her own and could no longer care for him. Tyko was a sweetheart and had a great personality, especially for a Chihuahua! He loved cuddles and a lap to lay on. His owner was the perfect fit. A week after Tyko got his teeth pulled one of our volunteers recommended him to a woman out at the Oasis. The woman didn’t waste any time before she stopped in at the shelter. Tyko was hoping around her feet and as soon as he sat on her lap she decided he was the one, and he decided the same. Now, he has three kitty roommates (that he hasn’t barked at once since moving into his new home) and plenty of treats and dog beds to be spoiled with.


Janurary 18, 2017 –  Pumpkin went home on Wednesday. She came to the shelter in 2015 with a litter of kittens. The kittens of course all found homes quickly but Pumpkin was left to spend a little more time with us. She was an adult cat who had gained a little weight from her first picture taken at the shelter, but that did not slow her down when she wanted to be up and playful. Last Saturday a family came in to take a look at our kittens and their four year old daughter fell in love with Pumpkin. That made the decision for both mom and dad on who was going home with them. The little girl was sad that she could not take Pumpkin the same day but decided it was okay cause then she could go get toys for the kitties. Pumpkin made her way home and just in time for when school gets out.


Janurary 4, 2017 – About 5:30 tonight Zoey, HSLC’s eight year old yorkie, left the shelter on her way to her forever home. When her new “parents” came to visit for the first time, Zoey decided they were the ones for her. She quickly came to each of them, sat on laps and licked faces. They came to the same conclusion. So, tonight she went happily on her way home.


Janurary 3, 2017 – April, a beautiful eight month old medium-haired black kitten, was adopted Tuesday. The young daughter of the family had visited the shelter and met April some time ago, but another visit with her mother resulted in an application to adopt. And, about noon Tuesday April snuggled into the arms of her new “sister” on her way to her forever home. Lots of smiles and purrs!