Adult Cats

Shadow here, that gorgeous black long-haired cat you see, to tell you how awesome older cats can be! Sure, kittens are cute, but us adults, our personalities are already developed and amazing. Take me for example, I love attention and love to talk. When people are around I like to chat away and sit on any lap available. My friends here all have great things about them, too! Typically, as adults we, unfortunately, spend more time at the shelter waiting on our forever families to find us and take us home. I have been at the shelter for 6 months, as with some of my roommates. We are very social cats but simply continue to get overlooked. Our biggest hope for the holidays is to find amazing homes ourselves, and for all the animals at the shelter to! So, if you are interested in any of us, a kitten, or even a dog, stop out or call the shelter, 217-737-4042. We can’t wait to have new families to bring in the new year with!
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