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Photos by Noble Webster


Did you know, black cats are the hardest animals to get adopted at animal shelters? I know this from personal experience. The name’s Gypsy and I have been at the HSLC for 3 years and still waiting for freedom, aka a new home. Fresh air is my favorite and if you pop a window open you will know just where to find me. I must admit, I’m not the most affectionate cat and prefer to do my own thing. I don’t mind people or other animals, but I like them more if they just hang out with me rather than mess with me. When I do want attention I’ll let you know, and like having my head petted. My back however I prefer you leave alone, I have to draw the line somewhere! I would however like a new family to take me home and give me the space I need, both in square footage and in my bubble. Don’t shy away from me, I’m not as bad as I seem, I’m just a loner that enjoys my freedom! And hey, so what if I’m grumpy occasionally, aren’t you sometimes, too? Well what are you dallying around for, get up and come meet me at the Humane Society of Logan County, (217) 737-4042.