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Photos by Noble Webster


Myster here, the shelter fluffball. Here’s what you need to know…I’m a lover and a troublemaker! Now, the lover part is obvious, I love to be right next to people and in their face, whatever it takes to get attention. The troublemaker part is only half true. Really, I’m just a very curious kitty that feels the need to check everything out and try new things. If something looks like it can be played with, then I’m sure going to try to play with it! If it looks like a door was left open and I can go explore, then I’m going to take an adventure. If another animal is suddenly in my room and looks like it needs me to go say hello, I’m going to follow it around until it says hello back. So, I’m more of just a social butterfly (a manly butterfly of course). I love anything and everything and can’t wait to find an adventurous home to explore!