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Photos by Noble Webster


Talk about spoiled, that’s me, Ginger! Currently, I live in a foster home with other cats and a dog. We all get along great together. The reason I’m in foster care is because, well, I don’t like it at the shelter! Do you blame me? Change freaks me out and I love living in an actual home with a family. I mean I need someone to talk to; I’m pretty vocal! I love attention and can usually be found by people, but I don’t like to be smothered too much and prefer to just chill rather than cuddle. Overall I am a great cat who is pretty laid back. Now don’t get me wrong I love my foster family, but I know it’s only temporary and I am looking forward to finding my new family and forever home! You can’t find me at the shelter but you can call the Humane Society of Logan County to get more information, 217-737-4042.