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Photos by Noble Webster


Wow, being a mom is a lot of work. I am always nursing or cleaning and barely have any alone time, but I still loved my little stinkers. My foster mom just loved having my little ones and me around. She thought I was just so sweet, and I mean come on let’s be honest…I am! At times though I like to chat and get a little vocal, but it’s just because I’m super curious of what is going on around me. With the little ones around me all the time I wasn’t much of a snuggler or cuddler but once my little ones were gone and I came back to the shelter that totally changed. I really am a social butterfly. I am now available for adoption and if you think I am beautiful, again I must say I am, and are looking for a new family member, check in with the Humane Society of Logan County, 217-737-4042, and ask about me, May!