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Photos by Noble Webster

Wookie, Mia, and Milo

Who says kittens are the only cute ones of the bunch? I’m Wookie, the coolest black cat you ever did see. These are my pals Mia, with that blanket of white fur, and Milo, the orange goofball. All of us currently live at the Humane Society of Logan County but we are hoping that’s only temporary. Mia is a 10 year old who loves to play hide and seek, I guess she’s a kid at heart just like me! When you find her or she hears you coming she’ll pop out of her hiding spot and want all the attention. Milo is new around here and he hasn’t figured out what to do with all of us other cats just yet, but I think he’ll come around. He loves affection and is very active, but then again he’s even younger than me being 2 years old and all. Me? I’m 3! Crazy how time flies right? I was adopted out of the shelter as a kitten and then found a year later wandering the streets. I don’t know whatever happened to my old owners and the shelter people don’t either. Oh well, I know my new owner is going to be even better, no…the best! I’m very active, so much so that I now live in the ‘teen’ room with the younger cats because those old folk in the adult cat room couldn’t keep up with me. I can’t wait to meet you and hope you’ll come visit us soon. If you have questions or want more information just give my buddies at the shelter a call, 217-737-4042.