Bitty (pictured on top) & Boogie (pictured on bottom)

Hi! We want to introduce ourselves to you. I am Bitty, a twelve year old female tortoiseshell cat. Boogie, who is a black male, is also twelve years old. We have lived together with our person for many years, but our person had to move and could not take us. We came to the Humane Society of Logan County shelter until we can find a new home. I am telling you our history because I am braver than Boogie. It takes time for him to decide to “talk” to new people. We have had several changes in our lives in a very short time, so please be patient with us! Of course, we need to go to our new home together. We are a team. And, like all of the animals at the shelter, we are spayed/neutered, up to date with our vaccines, and microchipped. Stop by and visit. Meet us, fall in love, and adopt us. There are other dogs and cats here too, and they all need someone who loves them. Call 217-737-4042.

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Bitty and Boogie